n., adj., & v.
—n. Chem.
1 a greyish-white lustrous malleable ductile precious metallic element, occurring naturally as the element and in mineral form, and used chiefly with an admixture of harder metals for coin, plate, and ornaments, as a subordinate monetary medium, and in compounds for photography etc.
Symb.: Ag.
2 the colour of silver.
3 silver or cupro-nickel coins.
4 esp. Sc. money.
5 silver vessels or implements, esp. cutlery.
6 household cutlery of any material.
7 = silver medal.
1 made wholly or chiefly of silver.
2 coloured like silver.
1 tr. coat or plate with silver.
2 tr. provide (a mirror-glass) with a backing of tin amalgam etc.
3 tr. (of the moon or a white light) give a silvery appearance to.
4 a tr. turn (the hair) grey or white. b intr. (of the hair) turn grey or white.
Phrases and idioms:
silver age a period regarded as inferior to a golden age, e.g. that of post-classical Latin literature in the early Imperial period. silver band Brit. a band playing silver-plated instruments. silver birch a common birch, Betula alba, with silver-coloured bark. silver fir any fir of the genus Abies, with the under-sides of its leaves coloured silver. silver fox
1 an American red fox at a time when its fur is black with white tips.
2 its fur.
silver gilt
1 gilded silver.
2 an imitation gilding of yellow lacquer over silver leaf. silver-grey a lustrous grey.
silver jubilee
1 the 25th anniversary of a sovereign's accession.
2 any other 25th anniversary. silver Latin literary Latin of the early Imperial period. silver-leaf a fungal disease of fruit trees. silver lining a consolation or hopeful feature in misfortune. silver medal a medal of silver, usu. awarded as second prize. silver nitrate a colourless solid that is soluble in water and formerly used in photography.
silver paper
1 a fine white tissue-paper for wrapping silver.
2 aluminium or tin foil. silver plate vessels, spoons, etc., of copper etc. plated with silver. silver salmon a coho. silver sand a fine pure sand used in gardening. silver screen (usu. prec. by the) motion pictures collectively. silver solder solder containing silver. silver spoon a sign of future prosperity. silver standard a system by which the value of a currency is defined in terms of silver, for which the currency may be exchanged. silver thaw a glassy coating of ice formed on the ground or an exposed surface, caused by freezing rain or a sudden light frost. silver tongue eloquence. silver wedding the 25th anniversary of a wedding. silver weed a plant with silvery leaves, esp. a potentilla, Potentilla anserina, with silver-coloured leaves.
Etymology: OE seolfor f. Gmc

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